Image Style: RANDOM
Image Width: 512px
Image Height: 512px
Short Prompt: RANDOM
Short Negative Prompt: 学习小报
Prompt: beautiful fantasy map of Penguin, Futurism, Dragon, Realism, Enchantment, River, Lion, Queen Elizabeth I, beautiful fantasy map inspired by middle earth and azeroth and discworld and westeros and essos and the witcher world and tamriel and faerûn and thedas, 4k, beautiful colors, crisp, high-resolution artistic map, topographic 3D terrain, artistic map
Negative Prompt: 学习小报, low quality, blurry, worst quality, childrens drawing, boring, logo, scratchy and grainy, messy, washed out colors, sepia, hazy
Use Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Image Seed: 989296100
Guidance Scale: 7

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