Black havanese dog with long fur
Image Style: Oil Painting V2
Image Width: 512px
Image Height: 512px
Short Prompt: Black havanese dog with long fur
Short Negative Prompt: --
Prompt: breathtaking alla prima oil painting, Black havanese dog with long fur, close up, (alla prima style:1.3), oil on linen, painterly oil on canvas, (painterly style:1.3), exquisite composition and lighting, modern painterly masterpiece, by alexi zaitsev, award-winning painterly alla prima oil painting
Negative Prompt: framed, faded colors, terrible photo, bad composition, hilariously bad drawing, bad photo, bad anatomy, extremely high contrast, worst quality, watermarked signature, bad colors, deformed, amputee, washed out, glare, boring colors, bad crayon drawing
Use Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Image Seed: 503291787
Guidance Scale: 7

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