Image Style: Disney Sketch
Image Width: 512px
Image Height: 512px
Short Prompt: girl
Short Negative Prompt: --
Prompt: Glen Keane character concept art (black and white) pencil sketch of girl. (rough pencil sketch by Glen Keane:1.2), rough pencil sketch, close up, loose Disney-style character concept art sketch, (nice sketchy pencil strokes), Disney character design sketch, pencil texture, a concept art pencil sketch of girl, (by Glen Keane:1.3)
Negative Prompt: a photo, photorealistic style, with color, (a bad photo), bad digital art, bad 3D render, gradient, overly detailed, high contrast, bloom, a color photo, smooth shading, hilariously bad drawings, bad anatomy, bad art, 3D, a photo, soft shadows, lot of color
Use Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Image Seed: 849692269
Guidance Scale: 7

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