horse with a girl in new york
Image Style: 3D Disney Character
Image Width: 768px
Image Height: 512px
Short Prompt: horse with a girl in new york
Short Negative Prompt: smoke
Prompt: 3D cartoon Disney character portrait render. horse with a girl in new york, bokeh, 4k, highly detailed, Pixar render, CGI Animation, Disney, cute big circular reflective eyes, dof, (cinematic film), Disney realism, subtle details, breathtaking Pixar short, fine details, close up, sharp focus, HDR, Disney-style octane render, incredible composition, superb lighting and detail, horse with a girl in new york
Negative Prompt: smoke, worst quality, poorly drawn, bad art, boring, deformed, bad composition, crappy artwork, bad lighting
Use Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Image Seed: 1045185869
Guidance Scale: 7

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